Thursday, October 27, 2011

Are you aware that Child Prostitution will end in an Equal Money System - FAQ

There are countless reasons for why Child Prostitution exists. The fact that it does - should make us scream with questions of Why - why do we allow this? How could this Exists in this World? Well - the truth is, it's an outflow of the Current Monetary System. Imagine this - A world where life is boundless in it's expressions. A mass variety of Species of Life - and Humans... how do the Humans exist? They have set up a value System - they have placed Value on an idea, a piece of Paper that says, if you have enough of this representation of Value, you can buy yourself a Home, you can buy yourself food to eat, you can buy "clean" water to drink. You can buy yourself clothes, and for those that are really lucky in this Economic System... you can buy lavish clothes, and go out to eat in fancy restaurants. You can travel the World, and stay at exotic resorts. You can be ignorant to what is Really going on in this Reality. Because the Reality is - Child Prostitution exists because of our Current Economic System. We have to buy our survival, it is not given to us freely. We have to work - whatever we can do to ensure we make it through another day in this World. A young girl in India get's told she is going to travel the World, and within hours finds yourself in a room with other girls, standing in a Line being examined by Men who have paid to have sex with her. A young girl in Japan is sold to a brothel because Her family has 5 other children that need to be fed, and she is the Only one that can 'work'. Sex pays well in this World, and in a world where you are not guaranteed Life, you will do anything you have to. Some children even willing pursue Prostitution. As they were abondoned by their family, left alone without anything to support themselves. They seek shelter and food and 'comfort' in not being alone. They sell their bodies for quick cash. This world is Lost in it's illusionary pursuit of Happiness, we have forgotten the Child born into this World everyday. They are Innocent. They are vulnerable. And the Money is the Ruling Hand - and so we see it dictates. How can we have accepted this? What the hell are we going to do about this? Imagine a World where, we as Humans exist in a System of Equality. Where Life...(food, water, shelter) is not something you HAVE to buy - You are honored with the Support you require to exist, as All are Equally. You no longer have to have the money to take care of yourself - you are given the same amount as everyone to ensure you're able to do just that. Survival is no longer a quest, Life will be well lived. Don't we see, in an Equal Money System - Child Prostitution could never exist. As the people seeking to exploit young girls for the cash in their Pocket, will no longer have the 'need to survive' directing their Actions. Families will no longer have to sell their children in order the feed the rest of the family. Money will be the Support System - Not the enslavement System. Every Child will get an Equal amount of Money - as Everyone Else will get an Equal amount of Money - and thus we will exist where we can start to take care of each other. We will no longer be afraid of each other. We will no longer abuse/harm each other to ensure our own Survival. An Equal Money System will Stop the atrocity of Child Prostition. Children will be free in their innocence and experience a World that could truly be Heaven on Earth. One where all work together, because all are Supported equally to do so. The game is Over - as it's been playing for Too long. Investigate the End of Child Prostitution - and the other many disgrace's of this World - with an Equal Money System. Ask yourself what you can do to ensure a System of Equality is ensured for you to come back to, and the many generations still to Come. Let's make this a Place of Worth - Dignity - Honor. One that actually Expresses the Beauty of Life - and not the darkness we've allowed as Man. It's time to sort this out.

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