Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2012 How will cases be tried in court? or tribunal? Equal Money FAQ

Looking at this within it's most basic point - as it currently exists. There are human beings who go to school for years and years and pay outrageous amount of money to be educated within our current Law System. So in this - there are those that are specifically trained to trial cases within court. There is even a 'head honcho' type of person we call the judge that sits in a mighty chair that is the ultimate decider of what happens to cases within court. This current system is so strategically complicated that, as I've said takes years to be educated within - and the majority of us don't now squat about the law/court system.

In an Equal Money System - All will be Equal. Equal within living support as money - equal within education - equal within being a part of the whole of Humanity that lives within/as the Principle of What is Best for All. So wouldn't it be common sense that all shall have a say in how the system operates - how the system moves. If a System is created that Supports and is Best for All - then All are included in the Equation to see/be educated/move within what happens within the System. And thus - all will be transparent. All will have a right to Vote - all will have a say in what the system is and how it can function within the principle of what is best for all. Thus - the court system/law system will be no different. All will have access to equal information as everyone else and thus all will have a deciding factor in how things proceed - this including court cases.

The specifics and how this will exactly funtion will become more clear as more participate wtihin creating such a system - but for now the basic is understood. An Equal Money system IS what is Best for All - and All will be Equal within the System. Meaning - no one will have 'special jobs' that pay more then another - no one will have 'special positions' - that are seen to be 'more then' another position. No one will be separated within such a system and so All will agree through a Democratic Process to decide in fact what is Best for All. Court Cases included.

Join us in the walk to Equality - check out desteni and the solution as Equal Money. This is the change required on Earth - for us as individuals and together as One.

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