Thursday, May 17, 2012

2012: The Living Word made Real with Equal Money

I have heard many people, "Christians", claim the Living Word is the Bible.. because in that book LIES the words of Jesus and the story of his time on Earth and those that followed him. What's interesting is that...

When you Look at what Jesus Spoke - the Words he expressed and the overall Message he shared was, "Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself" and "GIVE to Another what You would like to Receive".. and so within these words he spoke exists Equality... how else can you love your neighbor as yourself or give to another what you would like to receive.. without seeing them as equals. The only reason we do not live these words is Because we do not see ourselves as Equals - we see ourselves as threats, we do not trust each other as we do not trust ourselves. And so there exists no Equality or Oneness.

So what is the Living Word in Fact? Equality and Oneness... this is what Jesus spoke, this is what he LIVED and thus he was the Living Word, as an example for us all... Live the Words as who you are, who you Really are. Words in a book are not Living - they are expressed in a Life as each being. We speak and communicate, and what does this world look like? Separation, inequality, starvation, rape, murder, blame, competition... etc, and so these are the Words we Live.

What was Jesus's Message? BE the LIVING WORD of Equality and Oneness - Give to another what you would Like to Receive, See each other as your Equal and Love them as you would have them Love you... This is the Living Word of Equality and Oneness. In the Bible we can see the words we currently live as it is Manifested in the Whole World, while is true message of Equality and Oneness get's swept to the side.

The Real Living Word of this World was given as example in the Way Jesus LIVED: expressing himself as all as One as Equal - giving to All equally, seeing All Equally. We do not currently Live this, as we accept something 'higher and greater' to be in control of this world, when Jesus said, the Kingdom of Heaven is within You - thus Become Responsible for yourself in THIS WORLD, and create a World that is Best for All = where we become the LIving Words that is Best for All - Equality and Oneness. We do this with an Equal Money System.

So Love, and compassion and caring does not exist.. we do not actually live these words because we do not support All life to actually Live Here. Until we have an Equal Money System in place, we wont. And so it is our mission to walk this into reality, as ourselves. Living the Words of Equality and Oneness through implementing such a Solution for All. "Give to another what you would like to Recieve" = Give to ALL the ability to be supported here to Live, to express, to get to know who we really are without the fear of survival... this is the Living Word of Jesus.

Investigate an Equal Money System if you claim to be a follower of Jesus and his message - and this is his message Returned after 2000 Years. Live Equality and Oneness as who you are Equal and One with All and Give All Life... Create and Equal Money System.


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  2. Hi Kristina!
    This is Shrinath from Mumbai in India.This blog is interesting.

    Consider, however, the possibility that life is designed for ONENESS yes, but EQUALITY, a big NO. Else how would you explain the difference between an ELEPHANT and an ANT.

    We are all ONE without doubt (interestingly even the ANT is contained in the elephANT!). But by no means are we equal, nor should we aspire to be.

    The key idea should be to celebrate our differences and enjoy the ONENESS.

    Trust you get it. Have emailed this to you as well so we can discuss this further, if need be.

    Thanks and cheers

    1. The equality I refer to in Equality and ONeness is the equality of value - that the elephant and the ant are both of physical substance - both here, both with a purpose and function and awareness in fact, and thus the value of each is equal. And how can you have Oneness without equality? If All are One, aren't all Equal? How can you not be Equal to the Oneness?