Monday, January 30, 2012

2012 No More Cockfighting in an Equal Money System

Common Sense. Place yourself in the shoes of another - of anything here in this reality - and ask yourself - would you want to be put into a ring to fight/kill another being for the sake of someone's pleasure and greed?

If you answered no - then cool, you have taken your first step into standing equal to what is here.

If you answered yes - or I don't care - then it's time to become self honest. Because to accept and allow cockfighting within this Reality - to accept and allow any sort of abuse, where we are unable to stand in the shoes of another and ask ourselves in self honesty if we could live like that or experience that - and this is including ALL life - ALL beings - ALL expressions that are of this Earth - if you cannot stand equal in their place - then it's suggested we find a solution where any one of us can trade places with any other being here and still live a life of dignity.

This includes roosters.

The current reality is that we use these roosters for our own self interest pleasures and greed. We call putting two roosters into a 'ring' so that they will fight until one of them is dead or terribly injured - a sport. To humans this is entertainment. WTF?

Some advocate that it is 'tradition' to have cockfights - as they have been around for generations. Places in the world still allow cockfights because of this reason. Many have banned the sport - but they still exist. Yet - to justify this 'sport' because it was what was accepted and allowed to happen in the past - is absolutely insane and just goes to show how we are not evolving and learning from our mistakes - but are actually cycling the same patterns and behaviors that allow separation within this world.

And it is unacceptable. It is because we as humans see ourselves as superior to these beings that we can make them do things that are not in the best interest of them - but we will make some kind of profit off of it. This is dishonest as we are not considering them as life - equal with ourselves.

If anything - this goes to show how little humanity actually care. What is reveals is that Humanity cares about entertainment and gambling and sport. Humanity does not care if a being suffers - or if a being dies, as long as humans are kept busy and distracted and excited within competition and wanting to win. Humanity has no humanity.

In an Equal Money System - cockfighting would no longer exist. As we will no longer bet money on chances of winning more of the resource we need to survive - we would no longer allow money to be more valuable then life.

We would no longer consider the unnecessary death of any life form on this Earth acceptable - because in an Equal Money System - we will be placed in a point to become self honest and ask ourselves - what the fuck have we accepted and allowed? How can we justify our greed - how can we justify our lack of consideration of any life? How have we become so violent in nature within ourselves that we make animals fight to the death for our amusement. Don't we care?

In an Equal Money System we will realize the absurdity of cockfighting and will have to forgive ourselves, as we will see the truth of what has been allowed to exist. Our greed for more money and to exist within competition of each other - with the desire to be on top as the winner - will no longer be necessary. It will no longer be relevant, as we will live equally with each other - and other life as the animal kingdom and with earth itself. We will wake up to the abuse we have been existing within and will stop our madness.

An Equal Money System will end cockfighting. And any act that does not support what is best for all and allows abuse within Life.

2012 Retire at age 25 with Equal Money

Imagine this...

You live in a world where all beings are supported to live here - all are equal within receiving support to live within the basic requirements for survival. Humanity co - exists within an Equality System - where they are honored as equals and Life within Humanity and Earth moves as One - where all live within the Principle of What is Best for All.

Now imagine being educated in such a system. You are supported to be education like everyone else - you have access to all information and knowledge and are supported to pursue any interests you would like - in fact, you are support to Express yourself - to Live yourself Fully - with all resources being available to you - because Humanity lives within the Realization that if all are supported to be the best - then the best will be for all. Humanity will grow and expand and express and live - and conflict will cease to exist - or if conflict should arise - it is faced within common sense of finding a solution that is best for all and thus working together, communicating together, handling conflict with become directive effective movement and action.

Now realizing that within this equality system - there are still practical physical 'jobs' that are required to be done. Such as removing our waste - things within the labor fields. Cleaning the streets - supporting the community of humanity and obviously this will take humans to do. So imagine having only to work 4 years within a labor system that supports not only you but all the 'yous' that are here as humans. Imagine - you can work labor for the enjoyment of supporting all equally, including yourself, but you are not forced to do it for the rest of your life because you require a resource to support you - such as money. You give just 4 years of your life to a labor force that works on 'keeping things moving/working' - and then you are free to express and learn and travel - or anything you would like to do. As you are free within being supported to live and thus life is your's to live. Imagine only 'having' to work 4 years out of your whole life - and then you are able to do whatever you want. You can choose to continue to work - if that is something you enjoy - but it is no longer required.

Imagine - working 4 years within a labor system and completing it by the time you are 25. What would you do with yourself then? Who would you be in such a system - where you are supported to live equally with all - where you don't have to fear your survival - but are allowed and supported to express yourself as life.

What would you do? Where would you go? Who would you be? Can we even imagine a world such as this? I know I can - yet I also know - being a product of this current economic system where I have already worked for 12 years because I require money to Live - I don't know yet what I would decide to do. But I know I would be grateful. And I know I would be willing to give of myself to support the whole with doing labor that is required for all.

Just imagine such a world. Imagine what possibilities exist within and Equal Money System. You can retire at the age of 25. You can decide to live the rest of your life doing... that which you decide to do.

This is another reason why I support an Equal Money System. Because it supports the real freedom of Man - and supports man to finally become Man(be)kind. It is giving to each other what we would like to receive. It is joy for all. It is life for all. It is free for all. It is Heaven on Earth.

I am 1 vote for World Equality through an Equal Money System - I am 1 Vote for the retirement age to be 25!

Join the movement - create the change.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2012 How will cases be tried in court? or tribunal? Equal Money FAQ

Looking at this within it's most basic point - as it currently exists. There are human beings who go to school for years and years and pay outrageous amount of money to be educated within our current Law System. So in this - there are those that are specifically trained to trial cases within court. There is even a 'head honcho' type of person we call the judge that sits in a mighty chair that is the ultimate decider of what happens to cases within court. This current system is so strategically complicated that, as I've said takes years to be educated within - and the majority of us don't now squat about the law/court system.

In an Equal Money System - All will be Equal. Equal within living support as money - equal within education - equal within being a part of the whole of Humanity that lives within/as the Principle of What is Best for All. So wouldn't it be common sense that all shall have a say in how the system operates - how the system moves. If a System is created that Supports and is Best for All - then All are included in the Equation to see/be educated/move within what happens within the System. And thus - all will be transparent. All will have a right to Vote - all will have a say in what the system is and how it can function within the principle of what is best for all. Thus - the court system/law system will be no different. All will have access to equal information as everyone else and thus all will have a deciding factor in how things proceed - this including court cases.

The specifics and how this will exactly funtion will become more clear as more participate wtihin creating such a system - but for now the basic is understood. An Equal Money system IS what is Best for All - and All will be Equal within the System. Meaning - no one will have 'special jobs' that pay more then another - no one will have 'special positions' - that are seen to be 'more then' another position. No one will be separated within such a system and so All will agree through a Democratic Process to decide in fact what is Best for All. Court Cases included.

Join us in the walk to Equality - check out desteni and the solution as Equal Money. This is the change required on Earth - for us as individuals and together as One.

Check out Equal Money the Book!