Thursday, February 16, 2012

2012: A Cure for Cancer does not Serve the Money God

Last night I watched a documentary about a Doctor named Burzynski that has been, since the 80's, treating all sorts of cancers, including the most fatal diagnosis of children's brain cancer, and having success in the cancer going away. He found through his own research specific genes in healthy humans that were not present in a human with cancer. So - he created a treatment that supplied those with cancers with these specific genes and ways of turning off some genes - with no side affects except the depletion of the cancerous masses in the body.

HOLY FUCK you must be saying to yourself. There is basically a CURE for CANCER.... so why don't people know about this?

My brother has mentioned this to me before in the past - before I was willing to take a self honest look at this world and what is actually in power and control - before I realized that our governments and corporations with interests in the public's lack of awareness. If there were actually a Cure of Cancer - why didn't ALL know about this?

Simple - because it does not serve the interest of the billion dollar industry of pharmaceutical companies and the FDA. And - within our current economic system - Profit is more Valuable than Human Life. How can I say that? Because Dr. Burzynski has been taken to court more then 5 times by the State of Texas and even the FDA to get him to stop treating people with the solution. WHY? Because chemotherapy and radiation treatment and the mass of pills they want you to buy would basically go into extinction. Dr. Burzynski would be rewarded with money for his research - which would be taken out of the hands of the current hoarders 'on top'.

How can this be? Why would the government agencies such as the FDA and pharmaceutical companies want to prevent people from having what they apparently present to people - a treatment/cure/solution for diseases such as cancer? Because we live in a capitalistic system - Profit is God. Money is more valuable then Life - and this is a prime example of why our current economic system does NOT serve Life - it serves the few - those with Money.

Obviously we can see that this is Not Best for ALL. In an Equal Money System - Dr. Burzynski's treatment for Cancer would be available to All - as it is best for All. He and his research would not be suppressed by companies and corporations because it would no longer serve the profit rich comapanies - as Profit would no longer be more Valuable then Life. I mean take a look at this and ask yourself in common sense - why would a treatment for cancer be suppressed? Why would our companies want to keep this quiet? How is it that majority of people have not heard of this before?

Investigate an Equal Money System - as it WOULD Stop this power games of the 'higher ups' and give Value back to Life. Only in an Equal Money System can we stop some benefiting from others sickness. Equal Money = Equal life = Life = Value. No More would Money be more Valuable. This must stop. We must create a new system that supports ALL Life - as it is in the best interest of ALL.

Investigate this current system - see how it operates - see how it can change with an Equal Money System - see the COmmon Sense of Equal Money. DOn't accept what is here as the idea that it cannot be changed, because YOU can change this.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

No Need for Barb Wire in an Equal Money System

No More Barb Wire in an Equal Money System - why? Simple - what does Barb Wire currently represent in our society and how is it used?

We use it to protect ourselves, to protect our things. We use it to keep our 'stuff' protected and safe... from apparently people who want our stuff and are trying to take our stuff. So this is a point of fear. Fear of losing what we have and fear of people taking what we have. How can this be possible in an Equal Money System? Only in a 'Money is God' Society would we fear losing what we have - which what we have represents the money that we have - as we are only able to 'have things' with money. So in a World where some have money and others do not have money, or not in a position to get money, we believe we have to protect ourselves from others taking what we have. It's like our fear of survival. Whether we are protecting our land or homes or animals - we barb wire our property to stake a claim that 'this is our stuff and I will put barb wire around my stuff so that you do not get my stuff'. And what is fascinating is that barb wire causes deliberate physical pain - and so we make people suffer for attempting to take our stuff.

The Idea that we need to keep others from getting what we have can only exist in a System where all are not supported in living and are not all available to the resource we require to have in order to live in this world, which is Money. In an Equal Money System - all will be given the support to live a life of dignity - where we will not believe we have to keep our stuff from others - as all with have the equal amount of stuff - such as the basic requirements to Live.

Barb Wire is the manifestation of Fear within Humanity, the Separation within Humanity. We enclose ourselves out form the rest of the world, from those that don't have money in order to keep what we have - fear of survival. Fear of each other.

And for those that are daring enough to try to get through or cross over a barbed wire - they are willing to risk physical injury just to get what someone else has. You think they do this 'just because'? NO - it is because they are without - they are not being supported in this World and are willing to face physical pain in order to survive. To think they are responsible for the pain they allow on themselves in attempt to get through a barb wire is the lack of self responsibility we require to have in this world. Simply place yourself in the shoes of another - so desperate to survive - they are willing to hurt themselves in order to have something. So then who will take responsibility for the current money system that does not support all? Until this is changes - the fear will remain.

Barbed wire is such a means to divide and separate people. We use it in prisons - the manifestation of humanity imprisoning themselves. Keeping themselves locked a way in fear of being exposed to the rest of the World. We are so afraid of each other - no surprise we have manifested such a thing as barbed wire - a way to separate ourselves and ensuring physical pain on anyone that dares to come to close.

Barbed wire can only exist in a Society of Separation - where there is no Life, and there is no Love. As we don't care what happens to each other so long as we ourselves are protected and safe and able to survive. In an Equal Money System - there will be no fear of someone taking what I have - as all will be supported to have as well.

Barb wire was used in the Nazi Concentration Camps. It was a way to keep people separated from each other and from escaping. Such a thing only exists where we an individuals seek power over another - control over another - and are in extreme fear of each other. Imagine a world where Barb Wire didn't exist. This is in an Equal Money System.

In an Equal Money System - we all will be supported to live here - all will be supported with the basic requirements of survival. And thus - we will no longer fear our own survival and be in a constant state of panic of someone taking what we have - again, fear of loss. We will not fear losing what we have as we will be supported to have - all will have equally.

The point is that Barb Wire is the manifestation of Self Abuse. Where we seek to abuse each other through physical pain in order to enslave ourselves to our fear and our survival. If all 'have' we wouldn't fear those that 'have not'.

It's Simple Really - Give to All Equally and we can Remove the Barb Wire. Give to All Equally - and we can stop the Fear of Each other. Give to All Equally - and we can share with each other what nature provides to all. Give to All Equally - and we no longer have to use barb wire to protect our fear of survival.

No Need for Barb Wire in an Equal Money System!

Friday, February 3, 2012

No More Raising the Price of Food!

Today I read an article in the local paper about small Diary farms selling their cattle to large corporations so that they could have a 'cattle retirement'. What this means is that they kill the cattle. Why would they do this? They did this to cut out competition and to raise the demand of cattle - meaning they killed over 500,000 cows from 2006-2010 so that the demand for diary milk would rise... and so would the profit. These corporate companies made more then 5.7 million dollars on these dead cows because the demand for milk went up and so did the price.

This is just one example of the tactics used in corporations that disregard Life - in all its form - to get a hold of the almighty dollar.

Food prices also rise because of the the way they are being made. If the price of oil goes up - so does food cost. In a society where everything is interconnected - the more we utilize unsustainable ways to create - the higher the cost as it becomes more in demand. So if our food source is dependent on oil - where will we be when our oil runs out?

In an Equal Money System - food will be made to be support for the body, as we all require to eat to survive. We will no longer be existing in a profit driven society - and thus animals will not have to die for someone to get rich. Food will be grown practically in ways that sustain our system. We will have more local growing and no more big corporate business running the show and delegating the price of food and who should get it and who shouldn't.

In an Equal Money System - we will not have the fear of survival driving farmers to produce more food for fuel - as that is what brings in more profit - and in turn less food for humans being made and again - the demand becomes higher and more expensive.

In an Equal Money System - we will not act out of the fear to survive or to have more then another... we will all be equally supported to live and thus will start working together to create a sustainable way to grow food and provide it to all.

Prices of food or anything for the that matter will not raise in an Equal Money System - as we will remove our Value of Money and give it to where it belongs - to Life and so we will start working in ways that support All Equally - and do not give to some and leave the rest without.

Investigate the Equal Money System

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

No More Red Carpet-Hollywood

No more 'special people' in this world.

No more separation between human beings defined by money

No more Separation between human beings defined by the way that we look.

Have we ever stopped and asked ourselves... What the fuck? are we accepting and allowing to exist within ourselves as Hollywood?

Whether it's the stars in the sky or the stars in the Movie - we are blinded by lights and turn a blind eye to reality.

Why do we pay people to entertain us?

Why do we pay to read about celebrity life?

Why do we see our lives so mundane and inferior to others?

No more Hollywood in an Equal Money System.

No more watching a movie instead of watching over ourselves

No more distracting ourselves with pretty pictures instead of facing our reality.

No more giving a human being a million dollars to dress up and make us feel something instead of ensuring all life is cared for.

No more accepting and allowing STARvation to exist while we are busy watching the stars.

I mean - in self honesty - look at this with real eyes.

We get excited by celebrities and musicians and beings who we accept as superior to us because we pay them to entertain us - we get excited to watch them walk down the red carpet showing of their face and their bodies and there dresses and gowns that could feed a country.

We support them in their deliberate abuse in participating in a money system that does not support all life - it only supports those that choose to accept the system and be of the system through getting more money.

Imagine this - we pay an actress more to lead us through a make believe story then we pay our teachers to teach our children.

We have gotten so lost in the illusion of Life - that we have giving up on our own Reality.

In an Equal Money System - We we no longer be blinded by our desire for money and those that have it - we will honor all life - ensure all life is allowed to live.

In an Equal Money System - we will no longer pay someone money to entertain us and keep us busy. We will take responsibility for what is here and see the foolishness we have allowed.

No longer will we benefit those that we deem beautiful - casting a shadow on those we see in the polarity - no more with girls feel like they have to look like the girl on the television - because she is told that is beautiful. No more believing we are unworthy of who we are here.

No more will we allow the desire for sex and greed and lust direct us on where our attention goes - we will given our attention to what is here - what is necessary to be done - what is required to change.

In an Equal Money System - there will be no more award shows giving trophies to people for putting on a show - we will live for REAL with each other - ALL beings Equally - no one more, no one less - All equal.

We will stop the illusion of the elusive hollywood - we will expose it for what it is. Another grouping of stars we hope to make contact with.

Time to get back to Reality - time to get our head out of the clouds. Time to ground ourselves here, as the earth, and create a world that is best for all. One where celebrities no longer exist - but life is allowed to be expressed as all.

HOLY wood is another religion we have accepted to be greater then ourselves. Time to Stop. Time to Wake Up.

In an Equal Money System - we will no longer allow half of us to live in luxury and the other half in hell. Join the solution to create Heaven on Earth for All - where we stop worshiping false idols and start standing equal as life - taken care of ourselves and each other within equal consideration.

No more Polarity - Equality in the Way. Let's change the story to one that is Best for All. No more some with all and some with none - Give to ALL Equally!

Equal Money