Friday, December 9, 2011

What will happen to the Elite? Equal Money FAQ

Currently we live in a reality where a few of the people own 99% of the wealth in this world. And the rest of us own 1% of the wealth. This seems unreasonable and unacceptable - obviously because it is.

However - we could say that those of us in the 'middle class' or those that are currently comfortable within the current economic system, like ones with a home, a job, healthcare, a car, anyone that has money to support themselves within this world - are also the elite. As we also have the elite access to support ourselves in this world - where millions of people still do not. Drinking water could be considered to be elite - as it is not offered to all equally.

So - what will happen to the elite in an Equal Money System. The current elite in this world - will be forgiven. As all will be forgiven for what has been accepted and allowed and will be considered equal to everyone else in their requirement to support themselves thus will have an equal amount of money to everyone else in this world to do just that.

Equal Money is not about revenge - or blaming or punishment. It is about Honoring ALL equally and thus will be established as such. The elite are humans too - granted they have made decisions based on not what is Best for all - therefore in an Equal Money system - they will be forgiven, as we all will be forgiven for what we have allowed and participated in this world that allows the elite to be in the position that they are in. Because we have not questions their position or our position or what this world currently represents and exists as - we all will forgive ourselves and eachother for accepting such an unequal system.

We will start over. Join the discussions and become part of the solutions. Creating such a system will take all to get over their egos and anger and learn how to forgive, ourselves and each other.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Equal Money FAQ - Who will make my cell phone, Apple or RIM?

Once an Equal Money system is Established - the Principle of What is Best for All will be a Living Reality and thus we as humans will start producing products that are made to last and produced within the Guideline of creating that which supports All Life - including any technology. The question would then be would Apple or RIM - as a company that currently exist, exist still in an Equal Money System? Companies as such will not be in competition with each other to sell the most products - they will work together to create a means of communication and interaction with each other that supports All. I guess we could ask in self honesty - would it matter who will make our cell phones in an Equal Money System? - So long as All life is once and for all being supported and this world system starts creating and producing products that support this principle of what is best for all - then it does not matter who is making what, but that All are Working together Equal and One to create a Life of Worth for All - where we start Living and Enjoying each other and All - as Life should be.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

No More Corruption with Equal Money

No more Corruption with Equal Money. This is Self Explanatory. Why are people corrupted? Because they either want something they don't have or they are offered something in return for a favor. Commonly known as a dishonest act - throwing 'morals' out the window for profit or gains. This exists in our World. Why? Because it's based on profit. Money is the ruling hand - thus the more you have the better off you are, which inevitable leads to people being 'corruptible'. Corruption could never exist in an Equal Money System - as Profit will not be of value. Life will not be based on Money - Money will not be the deciding factor of what kind of experience you have Here on Earth. You will be honored Equally as All with Life and thus will be given Money as a resource to Support yourself within this World. Imagine - if you were given, from the time you are born until the time that you die, and equal amount of money as everyone else on earth so that you could provide for yourself and live in dignity - would you be corruptible? Could someone offer you something that you would believe you 'have to have' or that you don't already have. Corruption is based on desires which stems from fear. If we are no longer living in fear we would not be so quick to be corrupted as means to fulfill a desire; acting out of fear. We would no longer fear our survival and thus no longer be tempted to hold onto more because we fear losing what we have. Corruption always comes with a lack of principles - a disregard of/for Life. Corruption is based on Self Interest as we are only looking out for ourselves - I mean how else could one be corrupted? People, in whatever position they are in the world, be it Politicians, World Leaders, Governments, Companies, etc, would no longer be able to be 'bought'. In an Equal Money System we remove Profit as the Main Goal and thus we would no longer care to have more - we would be satisfied that we are supported in Life and thus move towards Living within Principles that are based on what is Best for All. Corruption is masked as competition. One in Competing with Neighbors to have more, be more, own more, have a more secure place in this brutal system. We lack true compassion and empathy - it's about 'me, me, me'. In an Equal Money System we will no longer compete for our survival, and thus the opportunity to be corrupted/bought would cease to exist. These are just a few points on how there will be No More Corruption within an Equal Money System. It's common sense - Corruption = Living without Principles and the only Principle we will Live as in an Equal Money System is the Principle of what is Best for All. We will look out for each other. We will not be so quick to harm each other for our own gain. Equal Money will end corruption and perhaps then we will learn how to trust each other and ourselves again. Investigate Become part of the Solution. Stand Up and Show that you Care about LIfe and bringing about an End to All Atrocities of this World, including Corruption.

Monday, November 21, 2011

What will be the most valuable Product in an Equal Money System? Will all things suddenly change Value?

The major point one can see that change in Value in an Equal Money system are actually 2 things. Life and Money. Currently Money hold more value then Life - as Money is the one that Ensures Life. Life is less valuable than Money as you are not ensured Life just by being Life - by being born, you require Money. Seems a bit backwards, eh? In an Equal Money System Humanity as a Whole will change what is Values - as All will be given an equal amount of money to support One's basic Necessity in Life - to be alive. Life will no longer be considered a Product that is bought and sold but is Honored as Life - simply by Being Here - Life is Valuable. Money will thus reflect that which is valuable in Life - which is Life. Currently Money = Life, and in an Equal Money System Life = Life, and money will be the means in which we support each other Equally. As far as anything else in this World that we currently consider to be 'of value' - will be reconsidered within Common Sense. The Value of Life is What is Best for All - if All are supported Equally - Considered Equals - have an Equal Life Support - than we are Living a Life of Value. Anything that does not support what is Best for All ( and this includes the animals and plants and the earth - our environments, ALL LIFE) then it is not of value to anyone or anything. Only products that are Best for All - that support Life here on earth will be of Value. Wouldn't this be common sense? Why have products that are 'valuable' that only give to some or support some and not all - then this value is imaginary as it is not what is Best for All and thus only harms. In an Equal Money System Common Sense as What is Best for All is the most Valuable product we Have - as we are once and for all Caring for All as One as Equal - and thus Valued Equally. All will be supported as Valuable - as All are as Life.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

How Will Equal Money Pay for Resources/Energy to be Produced - FAQ

We can look at this in the most simple way.
Resources and Energy comes from the Earth. It is Giving to All Equally, as it does Currently. And currently we as Humans 'dish out' and dictate who gets what through the Process of a Value System - you need to Money in order to have these resources/energy of the Earth. This will change in an Equal Money System, obviously. We will honor what is giving to all Equally - and thus resources and energy and products will be everyone's, for all the Share. There is more than enough to go Around - the idea of 'lack' in this World is Man Made - therefore we will Ensure and Entrust ourselves to Give to All Equally. You cannot buy something that is already given to you. You can 'think' you can - but this is not real. Therefore in an Equal Money System, all will have access to resources. All will have access to Energy. All will have access to the Products produced in this World - and thus we will exist as a Collective - together - sharing and Living Equal and One. We can even look at it from the Perspective we are then Living as the Image and Likeness of the Earth.. and the Sun. As it Gives to All Equally - so Shall Humanity. Once and for All Standing Up as the reflection of What Life is.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Are you aware that Child Prostitution will end in an Equal Money System - FAQ

There are countless reasons for why Child Prostitution exists. The fact that it does - should make us scream with questions of Why - why do we allow this? How could this Exists in this World? Well - the truth is, it's an outflow of the Current Monetary System. Imagine this - A world where life is boundless in it's expressions. A mass variety of Species of Life - and Humans... how do the Humans exist? They have set up a value System - they have placed Value on an idea, a piece of Paper that says, if you have enough of this representation of Value, you can buy yourself a Home, you can buy yourself food to eat, you can buy "clean" water to drink. You can buy yourself clothes, and for those that are really lucky in this Economic System... you can buy lavish clothes, and go out to eat in fancy restaurants. You can travel the World, and stay at exotic resorts. You can be ignorant to what is Really going on in this Reality. Because the Reality is - Child Prostitution exists because of our Current Economic System. We have to buy our survival, it is not given to us freely. We have to work - whatever we can do to ensure we make it through another day in this World. A young girl in India get's told she is going to travel the World, and within hours finds yourself in a room with other girls, standing in a Line being examined by Men who have paid to have sex with her. A young girl in Japan is sold to a brothel because Her family has 5 other children that need to be fed, and she is the Only one that can 'work'. Sex pays well in this World, and in a world where you are not guaranteed Life, you will do anything you have to. Some children even willing pursue Prostitution. As they were abondoned by their family, left alone without anything to support themselves. They seek shelter and food and 'comfort' in not being alone. They sell their bodies for quick cash. This world is Lost in it's illusionary pursuit of Happiness, we have forgotten the Child born into this World everyday. They are Innocent. They are vulnerable. And the Money is the Ruling Hand - and so we see it dictates. How can we have accepted this? What the hell are we going to do about this? Imagine a World where, we as Humans exist in a System of Equality. Where Life...(food, water, shelter) is not something you HAVE to buy - You are honored with the Support you require to exist, as All are Equally. You no longer have to have the money to take care of yourself - you are given the same amount as everyone to ensure you're able to do just that. Survival is no longer a quest, Life will be well lived. Don't we see, in an Equal Money System - Child Prostitution could never exist. As the people seeking to exploit young girls for the cash in their Pocket, will no longer have the 'need to survive' directing their Actions. Families will no longer have to sell their children in order the feed the rest of the family. Money will be the Support System - Not the enslavement System. Every Child will get an Equal amount of Money - as Everyone Else will get an Equal amount of Money - and thus we will exist where we can start to take care of each other. We will no longer be afraid of each other. We will no longer abuse/harm each other to ensure our own Survival. An Equal Money System will Stop the atrocity of Child Prostition. Children will be free in their innocence and experience a World that could truly be Heaven on Earth. One where all work together, because all are Supported equally to do so. The game is Over - as it's been playing for Too long. Investigate the End of Child Prostitution - and the other many disgrace's of this World - with an Equal Money System. Ask yourself what you can do to ensure a System of Equality is ensured for you to come back to, and the many generations still to Come. Let's make this a Place of Worth - Dignity - Honor. One that actually Expresses the Beauty of Life - and not the darkness we've allowed as Man. It's time to sort this out.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Will we worship Money in an Equal Money System?

Many have questioned the Equal Money system within statements of, "Money is not valuable, Money is not everything, Money will not solve the problems of the World. An Equal Money System keeps us enslaved to Money because we still think it's all about Money" So what's the point of an Equal Money System? Will we still be obsessed with Money, as we are now, in an Equal Money System? Obviously not. Why do we obsess/worship Money currently? Because we have accepted Money to be the defining variable of Life. Meaning = we require to HAVE Money in order to: eat, drink water, clothe ourselves, shelter ourselves, move, entertain ourselves, educate ourselves, etc. Is it that hard to see how we currently worship money in the sense that Money is everything to us, because we need it in order to Live. This is not speaking in terms of, "Money creates happiness." Many believe this - yet we cannot argue the Common Sense that we have accepted a System of wherein Money = Life. We need it in order to live. If we have Money, we can exist in this world. The more Money we have, the more comfortable we Live. The less money we have, the more hellish of an experience we have. It's a constant strive to have/obtain/hold onto Money. We pray for money, we are grateful to have money, we desire money, we flaunt our Money. Money is God in this World, as it decides who Lives and who Dies, so through our 'strive to survive', we end up worshiping Money. So, will we worship Money.... in an Equal Money System? If we change the definition of Life, from 'needing' Money to valuing Life - then we start Honoring Life, not Money. When all have an EQUAL Amount of Money, to support ourselves within this World, then we are no longer striving to have/obtain/hold onto Money. When Money no longer decides whether we have a home or not, our fear of survival is removed. Once we are within an Equal Money System, Money no longer decides how we Live, because we are taken cared for, as Money currently dictates, we will have the Money to provide for ourselves. In an Equal Money System - we couldn't possible worship such a thing as Money, because Money is no longer God. Money will no longer decide whether we have food, clean water, shelter, clothing... Money will be used as a support system, not an enslavement system. Is it that hard to see? That Money Currently runs the World - and to change within this one Point, can be simple and of benefit to ALL. It's time for us to Realize that our Money Hungry days can be over - if we consider Changing the Value of Life, so that it's no more within Money, but where it should be, as Life. Money can be a TOOL we utilize to realize our Equality - that we are ALL Life - we are ALL Here, and it's time we start creating a World that reflects our Real Humanity. Because currently - Our Money System exposes the Insanity within Humanity. The only sane thing for us to do as a Whole - would be to give to Each other Equally, what we would like to Receive. And that is the ability to live. So let's change the One point that dictates Life, by giving Each other Equal Money. Investigate further and join the Movement. Life is Here.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Happiness is Already built in?

Let's take a part this Statement and see what is really Here: "The fact is that you have great happiness already built into you. You just don’t know it’s there. It’s something similar to this: you own a bank but don’t know it, so you think you’re poor." Simply, one can look at this within the standing of one WITHOUT money in this World - and would this statement then still apply? Could one stand in the face of a child living within slave conditions picking cotton to feed their family, and still justify this statement to be True? Before I found Desteni - this was my Life Statement and hearing this I would eat it up and accept this, as it would make me feel better about my condition and the condition of this world. I would agree and say, Yes, happiness is here as me, and I deserve to have all the money I want to have a beautiful and adventurous Life that I can dream of. All I have to do is believe in it and it will be true!? All this statement does is support the current economic system that is fueled by your self interest "pursuit of happiness" which supports us to beLIEve we have a right to be happy - even if others do not have this same opportunity. No on is equal within the starting point of creating a "life of their dreams" Because some are born into parts of the world that have been raped of resources and exploited for developed countries to lavish is the distractions of this world, such as food and electronics. It wasn't until I found Desteni that I came to realize that all this "self help", be happy with what you got bullshit stories do is keep one blind to what is actually being supported and promulgated within this world. It says, "Don't question the rest of the World - do only for yourselves and you will be saved" Time to accept Money dictates Life - as if you have no money, you sure as hell cannot be happy. As money is what provides us with food and shelter and clean water. Time for us comfortable within this System to Stand up for those without, and say No More! We have the ability to change this system - as ourselves. Time we do so. Check out for support on how to become a responsible human being in this world, one that wakes up from the self interest we've been living as, and start Living within What is Best for All. Then Life can Truly be called Happy. - is the real money revolution that will support ALL - Every One on this Planet, to have the opportunity to Live a dignified Life. It is common sense and oh so simple.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Breath of Life - Aligning with the Veritable Fortune Equality Brings

Aligning the Veritable Fortune Equality Brings

By: Bernard Poolman

“Aligning the Veritable Fortune that Equality Brings, because within the Principle Giving to One’s Neighbor what you would Like to Have Yourself, within the Construct of this World, Where Money has become the Resource, Giving that as Equal Money, it circumvent all the so called “Spiritual Ideas” which has been promulgated to Justify a System of Limitation, Lack, Survival and Want. And One Immediately Transcend the Earth System with Equality and the Equal Money System into a System where One Become the Directive Principle and Give to Yourself and Another that which is Currently accepted as the means with which to Live. And within that, obviously, One will do the Labor Equally, that is required and develop Skills according to One’s Liking, instead of Skills according to the Money you’re going to Earn. That will bring about a Total New Social System and then will Make a World a Place which is a Place of Fortune and not a Place of the Few that is Fortunate."

My Response:
We live in a World – where Money is of value, in relation to if/what we eat, where we live, if we have a home, what we do. Our Lives are dependent upon Money. It’s the One Resource we require in order to supply ourselves with all other resources in this world, such as food, water, shelter, clothing, and so on.

Within realizing that this is what we would like to Receive, the Principle of Giving what you would Like to Receive would then say, since we all would like money, in order to live, give to eachother that – money. So that all may live as we would like to Live.

This Principle has been around for generations. Christians Preach it – Spiritual Masters share it – and yet a Practical Way to Live it and apply it has ever been Considered. Until Now.
So in giving to eachother what we would like to receive, which is currently money, which allows us to live and move and express ourselves in this World – who would each be in such a system. Once we are no longer fighting for survival, seeking to have more, exploiting eachother for profit, we are then free to be here. To express without fear, as our basic requirements are met. We all have the 1 resource we need to have access to all other resources we require. We then decide what our life is. How we live. Money is no longer the deciding factor, as it is something giving equally. How will we direct our lives? How will we then Live?
We will have a society that does things according to their enjoyment – not because they have to, or for money, as money is no longer the dictator of ourselves. We become the Directive Principle of Who and How we are.
When we are no longer in fear of our own survival – we will start enjoying eachother. No more competition. We will start Living to support eachother, as we are supported within an Equal Money System.
All will be allowed to be here, enjoying ourselves, enjoying eachother, enjoying the Earth, and all that is here as the manifestation of Life. That is what it means to be rich.
Equal Money is Heaven on Earth. Equal Fortune for All.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

No School = No School Lunches... Donate to feed the Children!?!

While on my way home from work today - a commercial on the radio came on - it was for Bremer Bank.

The commercial was advertising how more children will go hungry this summer, simply because of the fact that school is now out, and the school's lunch the children were dependent on was no longer being provided.

Their solution? To have people donate money and they would match the dollar amount, but only to $50,000. They said, "Our way of Fighting Hunger" and "This is our Action to Stop Hunger".

They say this keeps Hope for the End of Hunger.

Really? Sounds like they are just putting on a band-aid on the cut that is much deeper. What is required is to become Honest with ourselves and see that the Reason Starvation and Hunger exists - is because Food, as a basic necessity for LIFE, is not being provided. We allow a System of Abuse - Where if you don't have Money - you don't get to eat. Yet, the resources are provided unconditionally from the Earth.

Donating Money and giving to Charities - Does not Solve the Problem of why People... CHILDREN are starving in the First Place. It's because of an economic System that says Money is more valuable in Life.

I think we can ALL Agree that this is Unacceptable! And to attempt to "give back" without considering the Cause is useless and is only an attempt to make our selves feel better for the simple fact that we KNOW this is unacceptable. We know it doesn't have to be this way.

Looking at it even Closer - What a Fuck Up! A Bank using Hunger - People that are starving - as a way to advertise for their bank - so that they get more customers/clients. There is a word for this - and it escapes me at the Moment - but this is downright Evil!
(The word just came to me - EXPLOITATION)
We exploit Children of Hunger for our own Profit and Gains.

In an Equal Money System - Children, parents, All People would be considered Equally Valuable as Life - therefore we would not need Donations or Charities to 'do our part'. We will have done our part - and that is ensuring and providing all the basic necessities of Life.

We will no longer abuse those that suffer for our own gain.

We would be actually Giving a Damn about each other.

Time to Consider an Equal Money System - and the End of Hunger.