Sunday, October 16, 2011

Happiness is Already built in?

Let's take a part this Statement and see what is really Here: "The fact is that you have great happiness already built into you. You just don’t know it’s there. It’s something similar to this: you own a bank but don’t know it, so you think you’re poor." Simply, one can look at this within the standing of one WITHOUT money in this World - and would this statement then still apply? Could one stand in the face of a child living within slave conditions picking cotton to feed their family, and still justify this statement to be True? Before I found Desteni - this was my Life Statement and hearing this I would eat it up and accept this, as it would make me feel better about my condition and the condition of this world. I would agree and say, Yes, happiness is here as me, and I deserve to have all the money I want to have a beautiful and adventurous Life that I can dream of. All I have to do is believe in it and it will be true!? All this statement does is support the current economic system that is fueled by your self interest "pursuit of happiness" which supports us to beLIEve we have a right to be happy - even if others do not have this same opportunity. No on is equal within the starting point of creating a "life of their dreams" Because some are born into parts of the world that have been raped of resources and exploited for developed countries to lavish is the distractions of this world, such as food and electronics. It wasn't until I found Desteni that I came to realize that all this "self help", be happy with what you got bullshit stories do is keep one blind to what is actually being supported and promulgated within this world. It says, "Don't question the rest of the World - do only for yourselves and you will be saved" Time to accept Money dictates Life - as if you have no money, you sure as hell cannot be happy. As money is what provides us with food and shelter and clean water. Time for us comfortable within this System to Stand up for those without, and say No More! We have the ability to change this system - as ourselves. Time we do so. Check out for support on how to become a responsible human being in this world, one that wakes up from the self interest we've been living as, and start Living within What is Best for All. Then Life can Truly be called Happy. - is the real money revolution that will support ALL - Every One on this Planet, to have the opportunity to Live a dignified Life. It is common sense and oh so simple.

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