Sunday, October 23, 2011

Will we worship Money in an Equal Money System?

Many have questioned the Equal Money system within statements of, "Money is not valuable, Money is not everything, Money will not solve the problems of the World. An Equal Money System keeps us enslaved to Money because we still think it's all about Money" So what's the point of an Equal Money System? Will we still be obsessed with Money, as we are now, in an Equal Money System? Obviously not. Why do we obsess/worship Money currently? Because we have accepted Money to be the defining variable of Life. Meaning = we require to HAVE Money in order to: eat, drink water, clothe ourselves, shelter ourselves, move, entertain ourselves, educate ourselves, etc. Is it that hard to see how we currently worship money in the sense that Money is everything to us, because we need it in order to Live. This is not speaking in terms of, "Money creates happiness." Many believe this - yet we cannot argue the Common Sense that we have accepted a System of wherein Money = Life. We need it in order to live. If we have Money, we can exist in this world. The more Money we have, the more comfortable we Live. The less money we have, the more hellish of an experience we have. It's a constant strive to have/obtain/hold onto Money. We pray for money, we are grateful to have money, we desire money, we flaunt our Money. Money is God in this World, as it decides who Lives and who Dies, so through our 'strive to survive', we end up worshiping Money. So, will we worship Money.... in an Equal Money System? If we change the definition of Life, from 'needing' Money to valuing Life - then we start Honoring Life, not Money. When all have an EQUAL Amount of Money, to support ourselves within this World, then we are no longer striving to have/obtain/hold onto Money. When Money no longer decides whether we have a home or not, our fear of survival is removed. Once we are within an Equal Money System, Money no longer decides how we Live, because we are taken cared for, as Money currently dictates, we will have the Money to provide for ourselves. In an Equal Money System - we couldn't possible worship such a thing as Money, because Money is no longer God. Money will no longer decide whether we have food, clean water, shelter, clothing... Money will be used as a support system, not an enslavement system. Is it that hard to see? That Money Currently runs the World - and to change within this one Point, can be simple and of benefit to ALL. It's time for us to Realize that our Money Hungry days can be over - if we consider Changing the Value of Life, so that it's no more within Money, but where it should be, as Life. Money can be a TOOL we utilize to realize our Equality - that we are ALL Life - we are ALL Here, and it's time we start creating a World that reflects our Real Humanity. Because currently - Our Money System exposes the Insanity within Humanity. The only sane thing for us to do as a Whole - would be to give to Each other Equally, what we would like to Receive. And that is the ability to live. So let's change the One point that dictates Life, by giving Each other Equal Money. Investigate further and join the Movement. Life is Here.

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