Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Equal Money FAQ - Who will make my cell phone, Apple or RIM?

Once an Equal Money system is Established - the Principle of What is Best for All will be a Living Reality and thus we as humans will start producing products that are made to last and produced within the Guideline of creating that which supports All Life - including any technology. The question would then be would Apple or RIM - as a company that currently exist, exist still in an Equal Money System? Companies as such will not be in competition with each other to sell the most products - they will work together to create a means of communication and interaction with each other that supports All. I guess we could ask in self honesty - would it matter who will make our cell phones in an Equal Money System? - So long as All life is once and for all being supported and this world system starts creating and producing products that support this principle of what is best for all - then it does not matter who is making what, but that All are Working together Equal and One to create a Life of Worth for All - where we start Living and Enjoying each other and All - as Life should be.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

No More Corruption with Equal Money

No more Corruption with Equal Money. This is Self Explanatory. Why are people corrupted? Because they either want something they don't have or they are offered something in return for a favor. Commonly known as a dishonest act - throwing 'morals' out the window for profit or gains. This exists in our World. Why? Because it's based on profit. Money is the ruling hand - thus the more you have the better off you are, which inevitable leads to people being 'corruptible'. Corruption could never exist in an Equal Money System - as Profit will not be of value. Life will not be based on Money - Money will not be the deciding factor of what kind of experience you have Here on Earth. You will be honored Equally as All with Life and thus will be given Money as a resource to Support yourself within this World. Imagine - if you were given, from the time you are born until the time that you die, and equal amount of money as everyone else on earth so that you could provide for yourself and live in dignity - would you be corruptible? Could someone offer you something that you would believe you 'have to have' or that you don't already have. Corruption is based on desires which stems from fear. If we are no longer living in fear we would not be so quick to be corrupted as means to fulfill a desire; acting out of fear. We would no longer fear our survival and thus no longer be tempted to hold onto more because we fear losing what we have. Corruption always comes with a lack of principles - a disregard of/for Life. Corruption is based on Self Interest as we are only looking out for ourselves - I mean how else could one be corrupted? People, in whatever position they are in the world, be it Politicians, World Leaders, Governments, Companies, etc, would no longer be able to be 'bought'. In an Equal Money System we remove Profit as the Main Goal and thus we would no longer care to have more - we would be satisfied that we are supported in Life and thus move towards Living within Principles that are based on what is Best for All. Corruption is masked as competition. One in Competing with Neighbors to have more, be more, own more, have a more secure place in this brutal system. We lack true compassion and empathy - it's about 'me, me, me'. In an Equal Money System we will no longer compete for our survival, and thus the opportunity to be corrupted/bought would cease to exist. These are just a few points on how there will be No More Corruption within an Equal Money System. It's common sense - Corruption = Living without Principles and the only Principle we will Live as in an Equal Money System is the Principle of what is Best for All. We will look out for each other. We will not be so quick to harm each other for our own gain. Equal Money will end corruption and perhaps then we will learn how to trust each other and ourselves again. Investigate equalmoney.org Become part of the Solution. Stand Up and Show that you Care about LIfe and bringing about an End to All Atrocities of this World, including Corruption.

Monday, November 21, 2011

What will be the most valuable Product in an Equal Money System? Will all things suddenly change Value?

The major point one can see that change in Value in an Equal Money system are actually 2 things. Life and Money. Currently Money hold more value then Life - as Money is the one that Ensures Life. Life is less valuable than Money as you are not ensured Life just by being Life - by being born, you require Money. Seems a bit backwards, eh? In an Equal Money System Humanity as a Whole will change what is Values - as All will be given an equal amount of money to support One's basic Necessity in Life - to be alive. Life will no longer be considered a Product that is bought and sold but is Honored as Life - simply by Being Here - Life is Valuable. Money will thus reflect that which is valuable in Life - which is Life. Currently Money = Life, and in an Equal Money System Life = Life, and money will be the means in which we support each other Equally. As far as anything else in this World that we currently consider to be 'of value' - will be reconsidered within Common Sense. The Value of Life is What is Best for All - if All are supported Equally - Considered Equals - have an Equal Life Support - than we are Living a Life of Value. Anything that does not support what is Best for All ( and this includes the animals and plants and the earth - our environments, ALL LIFE) then it is not of value to anyone or anything. Only products that are Best for All - that support Life here on earth will be of Value. Wouldn't this be common sense? Why have products that are 'valuable' that only give to some or support some and not all - then this value is imaginary as it is not what is Best for All and thus only harms. In an Equal Money System Common Sense as What is Best for All is the most Valuable product we Have - as we are once and for all Caring for All as One as Equal - and thus Valued Equally. All will be supported as Valuable - as All are as Life.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

How Will Equal Money Pay for Resources/Energy to be Produced - FAQ

We can look at this in the most simple way.
Resources and Energy comes from the Earth. It is Giving to All Equally, as it does Currently. And currently we as Humans 'dish out' and dictate who gets what through the Process of a Value System - you need to Money in order to have these resources/energy of the Earth. This will change in an Equal Money System, obviously. We will honor what is giving to all Equally - and thus resources and energy and products will be everyone's, for all the Share. There is more than enough to go Around - the idea of 'lack' in this World is Man Made - therefore we will Ensure and Entrust ourselves to Give to All Equally. You cannot buy something that is already given to you. You can 'think' you can - but this is not real. Therefore in an Equal Money System, all will have access to resources. All will have access to Energy. All will have access to the Products produced in this World - and thus we will exist as a Collective - together - sharing and Living Equal and One. We can even look at it from the Perspective we are then Living as the Image and Likeness of the Earth.. and the Sun. As it Gives to All Equally - so Shall Humanity. Once and for All Standing Up as the reflection of What Life is.