Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Equal Money FAQ - Who will make my cell phone, Apple or RIM?

Once an Equal Money system is Established - the Principle of What is Best for All will be a Living Reality and thus we as humans will start producing products that are made to last and produced within the Guideline of creating that which supports All Life - including any technology. The question would then be would Apple or RIM - as a company that currently exist, exist still in an Equal Money System? Companies as such will not be in competition with each other to sell the most products - they will work together to create a means of communication and interaction with each other that supports All. I guess we could ask in self honesty - would it matter who will make our cell phones in an Equal Money System? - So long as All life is once and for all being supported and this world system starts creating and producing products that support this principle of what is best for all - then it does not matter who is making what, but that All are Working together Equal and One to create a Life of Worth for All - where we start Living and Enjoying each other and All - as Life should be.

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