Friday, December 9, 2011

What will happen to the Elite? Equal Money FAQ

Currently we live in a reality where a few of the people own 99% of the wealth in this world. And the rest of us own 1% of the wealth. This seems unreasonable and unacceptable - obviously because it is.

However - we could say that those of us in the 'middle class' or those that are currently comfortable within the current economic system, like ones with a home, a job, healthcare, a car, anyone that has money to support themselves within this world - are also the elite. As we also have the elite access to support ourselves in this world - where millions of people still do not. Drinking water could be considered to be elite - as it is not offered to all equally.

So - what will happen to the elite in an Equal Money System. The current elite in this world - will be forgiven. As all will be forgiven for what has been accepted and allowed and will be considered equal to everyone else in their requirement to support themselves thus will have an equal amount of money to everyone else in this world to do just that.

Equal Money is not about revenge - or blaming or punishment. It is about Honoring ALL equally and thus will be established as such. The elite are humans too - granted they have made decisions based on not what is Best for all - therefore in an Equal Money system - they will be forgiven, as we all will be forgiven for what we have allowed and participated in this world that allows the elite to be in the position that they are in. Because we have not questions their position or our position or what this world currently represents and exists as - we all will forgive ourselves and eachother for accepting such an unequal system.

We will start over. Join the discussions and become part of the solutions. Creating such a system will take all to get over their egos and anger and learn how to forgive, ourselves and each other.

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