Monday, November 21, 2011

What will be the most valuable Product in an Equal Money System? Will all things suddenly change Value?

The major point one can see that change in Value in an Equal Money system are actually 2 things. Life and Money. Currently Money hold more value then Life - as Money is the one that Ensures Life. Life is less valuable than Money as you are not ensured Life just by being Life - by being born, you require Money. Seems a bit backwards, eh? In an Equal Money System Humanity as a Whole will change what is Values - as All will be given an equal amount of money to support One's basic Necessity in Life - to be alive. Life will no longer be considered a Product that is bought and sold but is Honored as Life - simply by Being Here - Life is Valuable. Money will thus reflect that which is valuable in Life - which is Life. Currently Money = Life, and in an Equal Money System Life = Life, and money will be the means in which we support each other Equally. As far as anything else in this World that we currently consider to be 'of value' - will be reconsidered within Common Sense. The Value of Life is What is Best for All - if All are supported Equally - Considered Equals - have an Equal Life Support - than we are Living a Life of Value. Anything that does not support what is Best for All ( and this includes the animals and plants and the earth - our environments, ALL LIFE) then it is not of value to anyone or anything. Only products that are Best for All - that support Life here on earth will be of Value. Wouldn't this be common sense? Why have products that are 'valuable' that only give to some or support some and not all - then this value is imaginary as it is not what is Best for All and thus only harms. In an Equal Money System Common Sense as What is Best for All is the most Valuable product we Have - as we are once and for all Caring for All as One as Equal - and thus Valued Equally. All will be supported as Valuable - as All are as Life.

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