Saturday, November 5, 2011

How Will Equal Money Pay for Resources/Energy to be Produced - FAQ

We can look at this in the most simple way.
Resources and Energy comes from the Earth. It is Giving to All Equally, as it does Currently. And currently we as Humans 'dish out' and dictate who gets what through the Process of a Value System - you need to Money in order to have these resources/energy of the Earth. This will change in an Equal Money System, obviously. We will honor what is giving to all Equally - and thus resources and energy and products will be everyone's, for all the Share. There is more than enough to go Around - the idea of 'lack' in this World is Man Made - therefore we will Ensure and Entrust ourselves to Give to All Equally. You cannot buy something that is already given to you. You can 'think' you can - but this is not real. Therefore in an Equal Money System, all will have access to resources. All will have access to Energy. All will have access to the Products produced in this World - and thus we will exist as a Collective - together - sharing and Living Equal and One. We can even look at it from the Perspective we are then Living as the Image and Likeness of the Earth.. and the Sun. As it Gives to All Equally - so Shall Humanity. Once and for All Standing Up as the reflection of What Life is.

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