Saturday, June 11, 2011

No School = No School Lunches... Donate to feed the Children!?!

While on my way home from work today - a commercial on the radio came on - it was for Bremer Bank.

The commercial was advertising how more children will go hungry this summer, simply because of the fact that school is now out, and the school's lunch the children were dependent on was no longer being provided.

Their solution? To have people donate money and they would match the dollar amount, but only to $50,000. They said, "Our way of Fighting Hunger" and "This is our Action to Stop Hunger".

They say this keeps Hope for the End of Hunger.

Really? Sounds like they are just putting on a band-aid on the cut that is much deeper. What is required is to become Honest with ourselves and see that the Reason Starvation and Hunger exists - is because Food, as a basic necessity for LIFE, is not being provided. We allow a System of Abuse - Where if you don't have Money - you don't get to eat. Yet, the resources are provided unconditionally from the Earth.

Donating Money and giving to Charities - Does not Solve the Problem of why People... CHILDREN are starving in the First Place. It's because of an economic System that says Money is more valuable in Life.

I think we can ALL Agree that this is Unacceptable! And to attempt to "give back" without considering the Cause is useless and is only an attempt to make our selves feel better for the simple fact that we KNOW this is unacceptable. We know it doesn't have to be this way.

Looking at it even Closer - What a Fuck Up! A Bank using Hunger - People that are starving - as a way to advertise for their bank - so that they get more customers/clients. There is a word for this - and it escapes me at the Moment - but this is downright Evil!
(The word just came to me - EXPLOITATION)
We exploit Children of Hunger for our own Profit and Gains.

In an Equal Money System - Children, parents, All People would be considered Equally Valuable as Life - therefore we would not need Donations or Charities to 'do our part'. We will have done our part - and that is ensuring and providing all the basic necessities of Life.

We will no longer abuse those that suffer for our own gain.

We would be actually Giving a Damn about each other.

Time to Consider an Equal Money System - and the End of Hunger.

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