Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Breath of Life - Aligning with the Veritable Fortune Equality Brings

Aligning the Veritable Fortune Equality Brings

By: Bernard Poolman

“Aligning the Veritable Fortune that Equality Brings, because within the Principle Giving to One’s Neighbor what you would Like to Have Yourself, within the Construct of this World, Where Money has become the Resource, Giving that as Equal Money, it circumvent all the so called “Spiritual Ideas” which has been promulgated to Justify a System of Limitation, Lack, Survival and Want. And One Immediately Transcend the Earth System with Equality and the Equal Money System into a System where One Become the Directive Principle and Give to Yourself and Another that which is Currently accepted as the means with which to Live. And within that, obviously, One will do the Labor Equally, that is required and develop Skills according to One’s Liking, instead of Skills according to the Money you’re going to Earn. That will bring about a Total New Social System and then will Make a World a Place which is a Place of Fortune and not a Place of the Few that is Fortunate."

My Response:
We live in a World – where Money is of value, in relation to if/what we eat, where we live, if we have a home, what we do. Our Lives are dependent upon Money. It’s the One Resource we require in order to supply ourselves with all other resources in this world, such as food, water, shelter, clothing, and so on.

Within realizing that this is what we would like to Receive, the Principle of Giving what you would Like to Receive would then say, since we all would like money, in order to live, give to eachother that – money. So that all may live as we would like to Live.

This Principle has been around for generations. Christians Preach it – Spiritual Masters share it – and yet a Practical Way to Live it and apply it has ever been Considered. Until Now.
So in giving to eachother what we would like to receive, which is currently money, which allows us to live and move and express ourselves in this World – who would each be in such a system. Once we are no longer fighting for survival, seeking to have more, exploiting eachother for profit, we are then free to be here. To express without fear, as our basic requirements are met. We all have the 1 resource we need to have access to all other resources we require. We then decide what our life is. How we live. Money is no longer the deciding factor, as it is something giving equally. How will we direct our lives? How will we then Live?
We will have a society that does things according to their enjoyment – not because they have to, or for money, as money is no longer the dictator of ourselves. We become the Directive Principle of Who and How we are.
When we are no longer in fear of our own survival – we will start enjoying eachother. No more competition. We will start Living to support eachother, as we are supported within an Equal Money System.
All will be allowed to be here, enjoying ourselves, enjoying eachother, enjoying the Earth, and all that is here as the manifestation of Life. That is what it means to be rich.
Equal Money is Heaven on Earth. Equal Fortune for All.

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