Thursday, February 16, 2012

2012: A Cure for Cancer does not Serve the Money God

Last night I watched a documentary about a Doctor named Burzynski that has been, since the 80's, treating all sorts of cancers, including the most fatal diagnosis of children's brain cancer, and having success in the cancer going away. He found through his own research specific genes in healthy humans that were not present in a human with cancer. So - he created a treatment that supplied those with cancers with these specific genes and ways of turning off some genes - with no side affects except the depletion of the cancerous masses in the body.

HOLY FUCK you must be saying to yourself. There is basically a CURE for CANCER.... so why don't people know about this?

My brother has mentioned this to me before in the past - before I was willing to take a self honest look at this world and what is actually in power and control - before I realized that our governments and corporations with interests in the public's lack of awareness. If there were actually a Cure of Cancer - why didn't ALL know about this?

Simple - because it does not serve the interest of the billion dollar industry of pharmaceutical companies and the FDA. And - within our current economic system - Profit is more Valuable than Human Life. How can I say that? Because Dr. Burzynski has been taken to court more then 5 times by the State of Texas and even the FDA to get him to stop treating people with the solution. WHY? Because chemotherapy and radiation treatment and the mass of pills they want you to buy would basically go into extinction. Dr. Burzynski would be rewarded with money for his research - which would be taken out of the hands of the current hoarders 'on top'.

How can this be? Why would the government agencies such as the FDA and pharmaceutical companies want to prevent people from having what they apparently present to people - a treatment/cure/solution for diseases such as cancer? Because we live in a capitalistic system - Profit is God. Money is more valuable then Life - and this is a prime example of why our current economic system does NOT serve Life - it serves the few - those with Money.

Obviously we can see that this is Not Best for ALL. In an Equal Money System - Dr. Burzynski's treatment for Cancer would be available to All - as it is best for All. He and his research would not be suppressed by companies and corporations because it would no longer serve the profit rich comapanies - as Profit would no longer be more Valuable then Life. I mean take a look at this and ask yourself in common sense - why would a treatment for cancer be suppressed? Why would our companies want to keep this quiet? How is it that majority of people have not heard of this before?

Investigate an Equal Money System - as it WOULD Stop this power games of the 'higher ups' and give Value back to Life. Only in an Equal Money System can we stop some benefiting from others sickness. Equal Money = Equal life = Life = Value. No More would Money be more Valuable. This must stop. We must create a new system that supports ALL Life - as it is in the best interest of ALL.

Investigate this current system - see how it operates - see how it can change with an Equal Money System - see the COmmon Sense of Equal Money. DOn't accept what is here as the idea that it cannot be changed, because YOU can change this.

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