Friday, February 3, 2012

No More Raising the Price of Food!

Today I read an article in the local paper about small Diary farms selling their cattle to large corporations so that they could have a 'cattle retirement'. What this means is that they kill the cattle. Why would they do this? They did this to cut out competition and to raise the demand of cattle - meaning they killed over 500,000 cows from 2006-2010 so that the demand for diary milk would rise... and so would the profit. These corporate companies made more then 5.7 million dollars on these dead cows because the demand for milk went up and so did the price.

This is just one example of the tactics used in corporations that disregard Life - in all its form - to get a hold of the almighty dollar.

Food prices also rise because of the the way they are being made. If the price of oil goes up - so does food cost. In a society where everything is interconnected - the more we utilize unsustainable ways to create - the higher the cost as it becomes more in demand. So if our food source is dependent on oil - where will we be when our oil runs out?

In an Equal Money System - food will be made to be support for the body, as we all require to eat to survive. We will no longer be existing in a profit driven society - and thus animals will not have to die for someone to get rich. Food will be grown practically in ways that sustain our system. We will have more local growing and no more big corporate business running the show and delegating the price of food and who should get it and who shouldn't.

In an Equal Money System - we will not have the fear of survival driving farmers to produce more food for fuel - as that is what brings in more profit - and in turn less food for humans being made and again - the demand becomes higher and more expensive.

In an Equal Money System - we will not act out of the fear to survive or to have more then another... we will all be equally supported to live and thus will start working together to create a sustainable way to grow food and provide it to all.

Prices of food or anything for the that matter will not raise in an Equal Money System - as we will remove our Value of Money and give it to where it belongs - to Life and so we will start working in ways that support All Equally - and do not give to some and leave the rest without.

Investigate the Equal Money System

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