Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hey Protesters... BE the CHANGE

As we see more and more becoming aware of 'the system'...

what do we see for solutions?

People walking in the streets - yelling at 'those to blame' and sitting and waiting for their anger to be validated through change.

Does this sound like something that will change the System?

Obviously not - as we have seen protests for years and years with no real solution created - only a temporary relief where we are able to 'lash out' our angst to those we want to blame for the way things are. Stop Waiting for Change - CHANGE YOURSELF

Why does no one consider using what is Here already? We have Systems in place - that will, with the 'right kind of people' - Ones Standing Up for what is Best for All - Ones willing to Stand AS the System - that can/will include Everyone Equally - through 1 Vote. One Person = One Vote. Democracy.

We humans tend to want to blame the system - blame those in power - blame those with money - blame those in 'control' - yet while we are busy blaming - we fail to see what we are actually allowing. We allow our own enslavement - our own dis-empowerment - our own control, as we have yet to consider BEING the Change - Stand AS the System - using what is already Here to implement a System that is Best for All.

Are we too impatient... to impatient to educate ourselves to 'get to know' the system, how it operates/functions and how we are able to tweak it in order to care for all.

The point is that it's not 'them' - It is US. WE are the ones, all equally creating/accepting/allowing this System to function as it does, and thus it is US that has to Change it... and waving flags and banners and yelling chants of blame will solve nothing... we are then less than the system not realizing the system is us. We have to change ourselves as the system - through taking Responsiblity for what is Here - educating ourselves and PLACING OURSELVES in the Position of Power. BE the Change - BE the System - BE in this World, not of it, and Change it from the inside out.

We as Destonians realize protests and resisting the system is useless - as with or without our percieved participation - the system continues, and so we must be the ones to Stop it.

How? Getting off our Asses and MOVING ourselves to be within this World - within the System - where we can be the ones to effectively change the System.

Calling all Activists - starting ACTING in ways that are Best for All by educating ourselves through STOPPING judgments of what is Here - taking SELF responsibility for what is Here - and CHANGING what is Here. We got the Tools - we got the System, Democracy. One Man = One Vote. So Let's create a Political Party that is Best for All - that is Here to Create an Equal Life for All.

See yourself as the System and you then Give yourself the Power to Change the System.

Investigate the Equal Life Party - wherein our first priority is implementing an Equal Money System. This is Real Change - Once and for ALL.

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