Monday, April 30, 2012

Equal Money is Nice - but it will never Happen

At first Glance - many see 'Equal Money' and automatically accept the thought in the Mind, "This will never work. Not All will agree", "what about the rich - they will not give up their power... you cannot change the system. We have always existed this way - the system will never change." "Stop trying to change the system - just Live your Life until you die"

It's like we as humanity cannot fathom at all how we can actually create such a system. And just accept this idea..."It will never happen"

Or people will say, "It's a nice idea... but I don't agree with all of it" - People compare it to communism or socialism and accept the beliefs about these kinds of systems that has been programmed through their country as 'bad'

We don't give ourselves even an ounce of realization that this System is what is best for all.. and if All would open their minds and their eyes to what is currently here as this world, we can see - Equal Money is THE Solution!

Instead of reacting to Equal Money as being "impossible" - see how you can create this. Ask questions, join the forum, vote on the site, investigate, research.... do anything you can see see/realize/understand how the Equal Money System is actually Best for All ( BEST FOR YOU ) and dedicate your LIfe to bringing this System about for All. Realizing that it will Change EVERYTHING that we currently accept as the expression of Life within Humanity.

Instead of accepting the beliefs that 'it will never change' - get up, stand up and Make the change. Don't let believes in your Mind tell you to give up before you have even started. The Equal Money System is just an idea until Real People Take the Challenge to Actually Create this. Yet we will get no one if we continue to believe 'it will never work'

What option do we have? To simply forget about a creating a System that is Best for all and continue our struggle to survive while some have the luxury of living heaven on earth with all the money - and while even more are suffering at the hands of this system we don't dare to change?

There is no choice - We have to create this as our Reality - because if we don't, who will? And can we wait for this person? No - we can see how giving our power away to those is positions to change policy does not actually create real change in this world - thus, let's BE THE CHANGE. Taking back the power within our own hands to get our asses in gear. The time is Here - Life is Calling.

Join the Equal Money RealLove-Solution - where we are ensuring that we are the One's to get our butts within positions in this World that then Decide the create/change the System into that which is Best for All = EQUAL MONEY

Do your Homework!

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