Monday, May 18, 2015

The Consequence of Suppression: A Stronger Police Force does not Equal Less Crime

The other day I watched the movie Chappie. There was one scene that really caught my attention.

The city (and the premise of the movie) was based on the fact that the crime rate in this South African city was outrageous… 300 murders were happening everyday, people were being robbed, many civilians and policemen were being harmed, and the police force in place was not sufficient to handle the situation.

So then robots are created as part of the law enforcement department. Less causalities on the police side, as well as crime rates were dramatically going down.

*Spoiler Alert*
Then, mid-way through the movie- the robot police force gets hacked and a firewall gets put in, which basically stops them from working. The city is left without the robotic defense and all of a sudden, in one moment of this becoming common knowledge in the city – there is an uproar and the people take to the streets; riots ensue, there is burning of buildings, and stores, and homes. There is one scene shot from the sky as if in a helicopter, showing the drama happening in the downtown area, and it’s just like mad men finally set loose that have been caged for years. The destruction is over the top.

And this is what caught my attention. The consequence of suppression.

The crime in the city was suppressed through a robotic police force. There was no understanding of WHY people were acting the way they were or what causes it was stemming from. It was just simply accepted that as ‘human nature’ and attempted to force control and suppression onto the city and the people as a way of dealing with the situation.

And what happens when that control and suppression is removed? That which was attempted to be put down, smothered, in fact was slowing building, and getting bigger, and accumulating to the point where there is this so over the top acting out of dysfunctional behavior. The crime becomes much worse after the robot police fail to work, than before they were ever implemented.

And what does this reveal? 

Suppression or attempting to force control onto a situation such as high crime in a city does not work, as it does not sort/root out the REAL PROBLEM.

Which is also embedded throughout the whole move.


The lack of Money causes crime.

People commit crimes for money.

The desire for Money cause one to rob each other, to murder each other, to steal and abuse each other. 

All for the money.

Now, after seeing this, that this is what happens when one suppresses a problem, the solution seemed clear.

How about instead of creating a robotic police force, such as the scenario in the movie to be a solution to more and more crime, or a more military-like police force that enforces it’s mechanical hand onto the people - creating fear to control... one give the people the proper financial support to take care of their basic needs. 

Have a look - what would you be willing to do to ensure your own survival? Can you really condemn those that are stealing, lying, and cheating for more money so they can have a place to stay for the night, or to provide themselves something to eat? Have you put yourself in their shoes? What options are available?

Living Income.

A dignified living income, where if one finds themselves in a financial hard time, or in between jobs, or in a place where robbery or even murder come up as a potential option to make it through another day, they instead have the safety net of a living income. That is preventing crime as being an option for survival, as well as dealing with the REAL problem that cause crime and abuse in this world in the first place.

Lack of Money and Desire for Money leads to greed.

In greed, there is no compassion, empathy, or standing in the shoes of another. There is only self-interest and the drive for survival.

Investigate a Living Income by the Equal Life Foundation, as the Real Solution to the Crimes of Life happening daily. We don't need robots. We don't need stronger police forces. We don't need to attempt to control and suppress the problems manifesting daily at an exponential rate. We need to love and give to each other as we would love and give to ourselves. 

Let's stop suppressing, and trying to control ourselves and each other - let's root out the real problems and begin to address and heal the real issues we ALL face. 

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