Tuesday, October 16, 2012

1 Person Starves = Humans have Failed

Currently I am taking an Environmental Science course. Within this course, we are learning about the basic understandings of different Environmental Sciences, such as Ecology, Sociology, and Economics. While it's an interesting class and am appreciating the course - there is one thing... one statement my Professor keeps making... and I just want to correct him every time.

While discussing the topic of Human Population and food production, he always claims, "we produce enough food to feed the human population, yet we do not distribute it Equally" then he will go on to say, "this is about our Economics," he will further add, "even with more humans on the planet today then 150 years ago, we are doing a better job now feeding people then we were."

And... what is your point? Have we forgotten that despite what "progress" we believe we have made, Humans are STILL STARVING. And the point of there being less starving people today then there was 150 years ago is not even a point to be made, because people are still starving. The fact that even ONE child - ONE human being is denied food, that WE are producing for ALL to be able to eat - the fact that one person is denied nourishment - we have not evolved, we have not made any progress and we have not got a clue. If there is enough food to feed everyone... why are people starving? Yes - because of our Economic System. Because of the way we are distributing the resources of this Earth, which by the way, is GIVEN freely.

What are we waiting for? To be the ONE person that is still starving? Then perhaps will we care enough to hear... care enough to make the change? That is where we have failed... failed to stand in the shoes of ALL being in this world, and realize... we would not like to be the the ones on the other side, the ones that are still being shit on by our accepted unequal distributions of resources. Time to Stop. Time to Stand Equal.

So what are we missing? Our Money God as Profit being accepted as more valuable than LIFE itself.

How do we fix this? Simple - take the one resource we have deemed "almighty" and give to ALL Equally! Equal Money = Equal Distribution of Resources.

Wow - what a simple solution!

This is not to talk shit about my professor, don't get me wrong. I just wanted to share this most simple point, if we have the power to CHANGE this world, and yet suffering still exists - then we cannot claim to have evolved as a species. We cannot claim to be a superior species. We have in fact failed at our ability and potential to actually Live in caring for All life that is here, as this Earth, as ourselves.

So - let's stop patting ourselves on the back for a job we have not yet completed. Time to take responsibility in implementing the SOLUTION that is already here. Stop World Hunger. Stop Poverty. Stop unnecessary death. Be One Vote for an Equal Money System and let's once and for All Live as the advanced Species we so righteously claim. Time to make it Real.

Check out the Equal Money site and cast your vote on policies that we are busy walking a process to implementing. Be a part of the Money Revolution, where we are no longer serving the Money God as our profit, I mean prophet that we so blindly follow, and start realizing we already have the solution to change this world into What is Best for ALL!

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