Monday, December 17, 2012

The Existence of Guns

It seems school shootings - gun use to kill other humans is becoming more and more common. Anyone else wondering or questioning what the hell is going on here?

Have we stopped and asked ourselves, "hmm.. people, and CHILDREN are becoming more and more commonly victims of gun violence... perhaps we should be re-evaluating how and why this is continuing to happen!?!"

Anyone... anyone...?

In conversation with another about the most recent atrocity that took place in Connecticut - where 20 children fell victim to the mental instability of another and the consequences of our current state of humanity, certain questions arose within me.

Like what the fuck is the point of Guns?

Why do guns even exist? First thing is that it is used as protection... so what are we protecting ourselves from? WHO are we protecting ourselves from, and why have we created, accepted and allowed ourselves to exist within a world where we need protection? Would Guns exist if we lived in a world where survival does not have to be bought and paid for - but given freely to all?

Do guns exist because we enjoy the sport of killing another life form? Is the purpose of Guns merely for entertainment... the entertainment of shooting and killing life? Is this what we accept as a normal way of entertaining ourselves? "Hey Bob.. I'm bored, what do you want to do today? Oh I know... let's go out and kill other species just for the hell of it, because it's FUN!!"

Do we use guns to feed ourselves? Do we really, at this stage of technological advancements require to shoot something in order to feed ourselves? Doesn't that seems like we are living in the past, and have not actually evolved, as we are still primitively hunting and killing an animal so that we can eat? And we call ourselves a superior species... obviously using guns to feed ourselves is not effective, when we have failed to feed our population, as the 1 out of 7 people dying from starvation reveal.

Do we use guns to feel powerful and superior and strong? Do we require guns to assert ourselves as a species? Proof that we are untouchable because we have a weapon in our hands that can kill anything that moves?

What are we protecting in our "right to bare arms?" What could we possible be defending with the argument of using such a thing that humans can deliberately use to kill another?... when we have proven more times then necessary throughout our existence, currently... WE CANNOT BE TRUSTED.

Perhaps it's time for us as a species to start questioning ourselves and the things we use in our Life - like Guns. When the existence of Guns and the lack of responsibility Humanity has shown to create and support STABLE human beings in this world is evident... then it's time we become humble and STOP.

After 20 years of a slow but surely increase of public shootings... to the point where children in 1st grade are now victims of our ineffectiveness to care for life, you would think we would take a real, long, hard look at ourselves and what this world in it's entire manifestation is showing to us. That we have fucked up - and it's time to start taking responsibility.

No child should have to die for us to have to realize we must stop and change our ways. And yet - every 5 seconds a child does die. From preventable causes. We have not only failed as Humanity in our creation and allowed existences of Guns - we have failed to give the most basic right to Life to All.

In an Equal Money System - not only will ALL life be honored with the ability to survive with it's most basic requirements here on Earth... we will also be in a position to actually become self reflective and begin our process of self correction. To place EVERYTHING that is here within questioning.. and ask ourselves, Is this Best for All? Is the Existence of Guns Best for All?

If we no longer have to protect our sense of survival - would we need guns?

If we are supported to express and live and not just survive - would we need guns?

If we were not so utterly bored with this current accepted way of "life" - would we need guns?

If we were acting in self honesty and truly a manifestation of Humanity - would we need guns?

Investigate the Solution to ALL accepted forms of abuse in this world - Investigate Equal Money. Dare to Question what we are currently having to face as our Manifested Consequences and dare to see if we can actually create a World where we can start Living Humane.

Investigate Desteni and DIP Lite - to start sorting out the violence and abuse of our secret mind that direct us to live out the daily neglect of Life our World is currently reflecting to us.

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