Monday, March 4, 2013

How can World Hunger exist when we Produce enough Food?

Currently, 2 out of 7 people on this planet are going hungry. That means 2 out of 7 people on this planet go without proper food and nutrition. Food is a requirement for survival, as it is for majority of the other species on this planet. Without food, the body becomes weak, withers away and dies. We currently produce food to sustain 12 billion people on this planet. That is almost twice as many people that are actually here, so why do some not have access to this food? There are many theories based on why people in this world go hungry, yet are any justifiable? The withholding of a proper food source to any human being on this planet is so transparently murder. Without food we die; there is enough food to feed everyone, and so I would suggest greed has taken hold and we have created ourselves to be murderers. Some might gasp at the comparison, yet isn’t it obvious? There is no knife we throw or gun we shoot, but not giving food to a person leads to starvation; to death – a death that is so easily preventable. As our economic system caters to the wealthy and justifies why some might have to starve, the only solution is to remove the power in which we have given to money. If money is the resource we require to sustain our survival, then money is a basic human right and all are entitled to it. World hunger would be eradicated with a system of equality; where all have equal access to the resources that Earth provides, including food.  So what is stopping us? What excuses are we still allowing?

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Featured Artwork By: Kelly Posey and Matti Freeman

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